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AI creates employee's shift in 1 second

In the past, managers were creating a shift combination that was sent by employees. The beep shift smarts these collections and AI decides to shift. Release troublesome work from manager.

Share employees between stores

For beep shift, employees can be shared among other stores. With this implementation, it is possible to manage employees in the area.


70% of the employees are not satisfied with the employer's evaluation

It is said that 70% of employees are not satisfied with their own evaluation. The beepHR is a personnel evaluation tool capable for managing goal to staff evaluation.

Employee's desire for recognition will improve the motivation

BeepHR has multiple measures to enhance employee motivation and improve employee retention.


Consultation on introducing blockchains and providing solutions

Numerous implementation results

Beepnow has a track record of developing and commercializing services utilizing blockchains. We also provide some of our know-how as an OEM to corporations. If you are considering of implementing blockchain, please feel free to contact us.

Consultation on internal currency (points)

beep Shift, beep HR has an internal currency (point) system that can be used as a tool for welfare benefits of the company. Because it also can be used for methods to motivate employees, please feel free to contact us if you are considering implementing internal currency (points).

Personal service

beepnow APP 〜Share your skills〜

Share your skills and make an income

With beepnow, beep shift and beepHR data can be shared to beepnow application via their blockchain, such as entry date, working hours, award history, department change record etc.

Lessen the burden of Companies

This platform can be used as a digital credentials with a creditworthiness higher than the curriculum vitae by handwriting records by companies that have worked firmly on the achievements of workers so far acquired .

Digital Curriculum Vitae

blockchain guarantee your employment history

All reviews and work results acquired via the beepnow application will be recorded in the blockchain and will become your digital job history.

beep shift, beep HR and data integration

Also, beepnow apps can share the entry date, working hours, awards history, department transfers etc recorded by beep shift and beep HR, and will become your curriculum vitae.

Download APP

 Download beepnow beta versionド


We will introduce our technology


Blockchain specialization in fields that are not financial

If you hear blockchain, the things that comes into mind are money tranfer and exchanges. In the finance field, lots of project had already started.

Featured in MIT

beepnow uses block chains for the purpose of preserving the credibility accumulated so far, such as "work experience of employees" or "trading history ". There are few implementation of blockchain outside the financial field, beepnow's blockchains have been taken up at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and are draws attention from around the world.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Evaluation Scoring

beepnow scores people's work for 1,000 points with full scale utilization of artificial intelligence. This score is calculated using natural language processing from comments received from the people around, and the human nature and mentality seen from the work attitude of that person can be scored and quantitatively evaluated.

Analysis based on blockchain data

Since attendance and evaluation data calculated by artificial intelligence are recorded in the blockchain, scores with high credibility can be provided.

Management Team

Alex Tsai / Co-Founder CEO

2003 - Joined Nexyz Corporation
2005 - Joined ITC Network (now Conexio)
2008 - Joined Rakuten Co., Ltd.
2014 - Started Hotel and Private home rental business
2017 - Co-Founder / CEO of beepnow, Inc.

He started workingw at Nexyz in 2003 as salesperson in Yahoo's ADSL, Sky Perfect TV, Japan Telecom line. After that, he worked at the ITC network (currently Connexio). He was in sales department of mobile phone of au, Docomo and Softbank.

After joining Rakuten Co., Ltd. in 2008, he was in charge of producing a large number of special features such as management of advertisement space, Rakuten Ichiba top page, Rakuten Super Sale. Worked on the planning of purchasing pages utilizing natural language processing, and served as the R&D team team leader and the SHOP OF THE YEAR project leader.He was one of the member of patent on search method. A story design method "Emotional page" to raise desire to purchase was devised and was awarded MVP in Rakuten.

He started a private home rental business in the Shinsamiya area of Osaka City from the time when there is no word of Airbnb in Japan. It expanded to 10 rooms in 3 months from the foundation, 30 rooms in 6 months, and 280 rooms in 1 year. After that, it also expanded to the hotel business which acquired the inn. Business transfer in 2017.

Naohiro Nishida / Co-Founder CFO

2008 - Graduated from faculty of Politics and Economics in Meiji University
2008 - Joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
2012 - Establishment of consulting company for wealthy people
2017 - Co-Founder / CFO of beepnow, Inc.

Naohiro Nishida entered the Faculty of Politics and Economics in Meiji University in 2004. He was interested in the financial industry while he was at school. He went to New York which is the real financial industry in the field. After graduating from the university in 2008, he joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.He served five years of asset advisory for the super wealthy in the Wealth Management division. After that, there was support from many customers, he started his own business that he thought about since his school days.

He started a private advisory business in Singapore, Japan and the United States. He has strong network of private banks in oll over the world. He supports the asset of small and middle class business owners and total trading colume is over 100 million USD. And he also had started to develop and manage industrial AI systems and blockchain systems that support companies by utilizing his knowledge and experience. He had also embarked on the development of AI to maximize the profits of companies while supporting the assets of small and middles class business owners. As Co-founder / CFO of beepnow, Inc., he is in charge of beepnow group's financial strategies that is responsible for speeding up the growth of company.


Satoshi Sekine / RIKEN AIP team team leader

1983 - Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku High School Graduate
1987 - graduated from Department of Applied Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1992 - Master's degree from Manchester Institute of Technology
1998 - received a doctorate from New York University
1998 - Appointed as Research Associate Professor, New York University
2007 - Appointed Associate Professor at New York University
2010 - Appointed Rakuten Technology Institute New York Director

Japanese information scientist living in the US. Associate Professor, University of New York. A leader of the "National Science Foundation (NSF)" On Demand Information Extraction "project. In Japan, I run a language and craft research institute of consultancy concerning language processing.

From June 2010 he was Director of Rakuten Technology Institute New York, Rakuten Technical Research Institute Tokyo deputy director from April 2011, and Rakuten Technical Director concurrently. Retired from Rakuten in October 2014.

Currently as Team Leader of RIKEN Language Information Access Team Team Leader "I am developing research on artificial intelligence that can explain my judgment.

Kenji Yamanami / Ex. Rakuten Co., Ltd. Executive Officer

1995 - graduated from the University of Tokyo electronics department
1997 - Master of Engineering at the University of Tokyo (Electronic Engineering)
1997 - Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Treasury
2004 - M.I.T. Sloan School, Master of Management of Technology
2005 - Master of Duke University, Law School
2006 - McKinsey & Company Joined
2009 - Joined Rakuten Co., Ltd. (lives in the United States from 2011)
2015 - Launch Caparoom Inc. and Acyapa Inc. (current position)

1997 After graduating from the University of Tokyo graduate school of engineering (electronic engineering), in the same year entered the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a clerk from science. After entering, mainly engaged in the field of IT industry, science and technology, intellectual property, high tech industry. He is engaged in planning and operation of numerous new systems, including the creation of a privacy mark. He was involved in the establishment of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and the finding reform of NEDO and has been involved in various technological developments.

During his tenure at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, I studied at M.I.T. Sloan School, Duke Law School and received my Master's degree. In 2006 he joined Mckinsey & Company and gained experience in projects such as strategy formulation, M & A, operation improvement, etc., centering on high-tech industries. Since 2009, as an executive officer of Rakuten Co., Ltd., as a responsible person for cross-border and affiliate marketing in Japan, contributed to expansion of the Rakuten market business. The launched cross-border shopping has grown to more than 30 billion yen annually.

Since 2011, Rakuten is in charge of along with full-fledged global expansion of Rakuten, and it handles a wide range of operations such as introduction of point marketing in the United States, reconstruction of sales floor, rebranding and so on. Starting in 2013, Rakuten U. S. A is in charge of acquisition and PMI as strategic manager, Rakuten's US business turns into surplus by strategy based acquisition.

He gave a lecture on lectures such as the FSA and the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Committee. We will develop practical solutions familiar with business and technical aspects, start business, specializing in business development, formulation and business model reform combining state-of-the-art IT technology.

Mie Kurosaka / Former Rakuten Corporation Executive Officer

1994 - Joined Macromedia Corporation
1999 - Joined Wynot Co., Ltd.
2001 - Appointed President and Representative Director of Wainot Co., Ltd.
2002 - Joined Rakuten Corporation
2003 - Appointed to the executive officer

1994 November Joined at the same time as Macromedia Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned US subsidiary of Macromedia, Inc., was established. Since establishing a Japanese corporation, he served concurrently as a marketing and PR manager, he promoted all of the macromedia products in Japan and made it recognized as the de facto standard in the multimedia and Internet industry.

September 1999 Joined at the same time as the establishment of Wynot Co., Ltd., wholly owned by Whynot Creations, USA. In April 2001 he assumed office as President and Representative Director of the company. September 2002 Wyotto Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary company and joined Rakuten Corporation at the same time. In 2003 he was appointed executive officer.

Hideaki Sone / Executive Officer, Lancers Corporation

Since 2007 he has been a consultant at McKinsey & Company, and since 2010 Rakuten leads the management strategy and management plan of the entire group including overseas. Participated in Lansers in February 2015, assumed office as Director CSO / CFO from November the same year. We are responsible for planning management strategy, promoting M & A, alliance and new business.

Adachi Kazuhisa / Former Lancers Co., Ltd. Director COO

Lancers is responsible for business development, planning and promotion of business strategy.

Prior to Lancers participation, since 2005 he has been involved in Rakuten Co., Ltd.'s support for EC companies participating in "Rakuten Market", business strategy and launch of the Fukuoka branch office. Since 2012, we also serve concurrently as Manager of Business Development Division and General Manager of Developer Relations at Marketing Business Division of Glee Co., Ltd. to promote capital and business tie-ups.

Beepnow provides support for business strategies of sharing economies, providing know-how in platform management, and so on.

Company Profile

Company name beepnow Inc.
Address 12655 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA
Affiliated company beepnow systems Co., Ltd.(subsidiary)
Business Sales and OEM offerings of SaaS for enterprises using blockchain technology. License offer