Alex Tsai / Co‒Founder, CEO

Alex has 6 years of business experience in an IT company named “Rakuten”. MVP awarded for in‒house project. He acquisitioned a patent on search method. Due to these achievements, he was elected as a member of the First Summary of the Association of New Economy Summit and became a project member.

After that, he went independent, and put his eyes on the possibility of sharing economy and carried out the operation of short‒time stay accommodation. He was a pioneer in this kind of business as by the time he started such activities were very new and unknown in Japan.. Initially he had just twenty rooms. Eventually it grew to operationing 30 apartments and accommodations. Combined with house manual preparation and employment support center, he made apartment cleaning available as part of the curriculum of worker registration center registrants. “Registrants can make use of the cleaning work experience and can use that skill in future employment.

The toughest challenge Alex faced when running a short‒time stay accommodation business, was that customers basically do not trust the host side, despite the positive reviews or room photo amount and quality, so they were always suspicious constantly asking various questions. Most plausible reason for it, as Alex learned by contacting the customers directly or using short-time stay accommodations himself was that many hosts deceived the clients or at least didn't tell the whole truth.

He always wanted to solve this problem, so now, utilizing blockchain technology, he aims to create a better society and enhance trust in beepnow. He utilizes blockchain technology to realize a society that can appreciate each other legitimately and trust in beepnow.

Harol Higuera / Developer

Born in Colombia, graduated from Industrial University of Santander, School of Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication Systems. He also studied Business English at The London School of English. He engaged in developing applications for mobile devices in New Zealand and Australia. Also he designed all from the upstream process to the downstream process. He is in charge of application development and API development.

Aliaksandr Navaseltsau / Developer, Marketing Strategist

Born in Belarus, graduated from Belarusian State Economics University, School of International Business Communications and School of Retraining "Consulting Trade Center", majoring International Marketing. He had worked as an IT consultant for more than 5 years. Has 2+ years of Team Lead and Business Analyst/Project Manager experience. Specialization: Natural language processing and Neural Networks. He will be in charge of recommendation engine and artificial intelligence system, also developing marketing strategy of beepnow.

Masami Michitsuna / SMM and Community Management

Spent her early childhood in South Korea. Studied cultural sociology at the university. After graduation from Konan Women's University temporarily left Japan and engaged in hospitality business in Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand for about 4 years.

Having heard about beepnow project while still in New Zealand, got in touch with project CEO, Alex Tsai and became a member of the team.

At beepnow she's in charge of public relations, social media and community management, taking full advantage of her high level communication skills.

Naoki S. Martinez / Sales&Accounting

Born in United States and spent the childhood in Mexico. After graduating from the university travelled across various parts of Southeast Asia to broaden the knowledge and expertise.

In 2016 he met beepnow CEO, Alex Tsai and became a member of the team, being fascinated by the project's vision.

At beepnow he is in charge of Sales and Public Relations.

Nguyen T Hoang / Sales&Accounting

Born in Vietnam, and moved to Japan after spending his childhood in Vietnam.

After that he's been running the model office for about two years, also managing a company of real estate business / job placement business dedicated to international students.

Through his friends he got to know Alex Tsai and learned about beepnow project. He does not only believe that beepnow will be able to solve employment problems held by international students, but is also confident that it is creation of a whole new business model by changing the way of working around the world and so he volunteered to Alex Tsai to add him to the team. In beepnow, he is in charge of sales, doing his best so that more people can know about beepnow.

Gitta Ayu Putri / Graphic Designer

Was born and raised in Indonesia, graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in Visual Communication Design. She has learned graphic and multimedia design, also been interested in focusing on UI/UX design.

Having the chance to join an exchange program in Japan in her last year of university, opened up the whole new opportunity for her future job in which she discovered about beepnow.

After receiving the job invitation, she thought that beepnow will definitely be a great innovation for a reliable work fields for society, and applied for it.

While giving efforts to develop her design skills, she hopes to be able to help people enjoy their best experience in using beepnow.

Edmond Lohanata / Project Manager

Born in Indonesia. Graduated from Pelita Harapan University, majoring in Economic.
He already involved in various kind of IT application development project back in Indonesia. Want to broaden his perspective, he went to study abroad in Japan and during his time in Japan, he got to know beepnow. Interested in the application, he decided to join the beepnow Team.

Sho Matsuda / PR

After graduating from Chuo Gakuin University, Sho manages real estate sales company and product sales company. He is also a director of an enterprise in Hong Kong, that deals ICO related business. Sho oversees ICO support and advertising tokens.

BTM Team:

Adil Haris Ibrahim / Blockchain Consultant

Adil is a consultant and instructor in Blockchain Technology. He's a blockchain specialist with over 3 years of experience in Blockchain Business Analysis and Application Development. Known for his enthusiastic speaking skills and forward‒looking mindset, he was the speaker at Global Blockchain Conference Kuala Lumpur in January 2018.

Dr Mahmood Al‒Imam, P.Eng, PhD / Data Scientist

Mahmood is BTM’s Data Scientist and a well‒known speaker, assisting in integrating AI, Machine Learning and BackEnd Development with Blockchain. He's passionate about educating people in AI and Machine Learning. Above all, he's a certified professional in corporate training.

Audrey Tan Hui Li / Quality Assurance Specialist

Audrey is a Quality Assurance Specialist at BTM. Known for her quick feet in decision making and communication proficiency, Audrey conducts functional tests to ensure the product or service meets the established standards of quality including reliability, usability and performance. Above all, her problem analysis and problem skills match her ability to work smart.

Aries Camitan / Software Developer

Aries is BTM’s software developer, who has a passion for learning new things, especially about the Blockchain technology. Known for his creative mind behind software programs and problem‒solving skills, Aries is a talented back‒end developer who is responsible for server‒side web application logic and integration of front‒end development design.

Shervin Aghdaei / Security Analyst

Shervin is BTM’s Security Analyst, who is an expert that stays up‒to‒date on the latest network intelligence, including hacker’s methodologies, to anticipate security breach. He’s known for his quick adaptability to work under pressure and in‒depth knowledge of network security concepts. Above all, he’s AWS certified.

Sandeep Kumar Kewlani / Full Stack Developer

Sandeep is BTM’s full stack developer who’s known for his smart thinking skills. An enthusiastic individual, he assists in integrating Javascript, Big Data, Java, J2EE and Python with Blockchain. Known for his bubbly spirit, he’s passionate about the importance of team spirit in the company.

Paul Ugwu Agada / Project Strategist

Paul Agada is a Project Strategist at BTM, who has a passion for simplifying complex technologies and harness resources for the development of supply chain system with blockchain. He enjoys interacting and contributing forward‒thinking subjects that lead to positive change in the technology world.

Syazana Izzati Faridon / Junior UI/UX Designer

Syazana has been a UI/UX designer since 2016. Known for her self‒motivation strength, she’s passionate about graphic and multimedia design. She enjoys making her own illustrations and creative beyond her age.

Chan Zhi Yan / UI/UX Designer

Chan Zhi Yan is a UI/UX Designer at BTM, who is passionate about technological innovations. Known for her creative mindset, Chan Zhi Yan illustrates design ideas and creates functional and appealing features in the graphic user interface. Above all, she’s a certified expert in standard UX software.


Kenji Yamanami

In 1997, Kenji has entered the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a clerk, after graduating from University of Tokyo.

He pursued in the field of IT, science technology, intellectual asset, and high-tech industry. He was also involved in various technical development; he has founded Privacymark, and pursued in planning and operation of many system. He has taken part in founding National Industrial Research Institute and NEDO as well as other technical development.

During his tenure at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kenji went to an oversea study program at MIT Sloan School and Duke Law School, where he earned his master’s degree. In 2006, he started working at McKinsey & Company, where he built up his record in projects such as strategy formulation, M&A, and operation improvements, mainly in high-tech industry.

In 2009 Kenji joined Rakuten as an executive officer and has contributed to expanding the cross-border and affiliate marketing supervisor. The annual sales of cross-border shopping that he created grew over 30 billion yen. Upon Rakuten’s full-scale global expansion, Kenji was in charge of where he worked on operation aspect, such as introduction to point marketing in US, re-maintenance of the departments, and rebranding. From 2013, he was assigned strategy department where he handled PMI and acquisition. Rakuten USA switched to surplus based on strategic acquisition.

Kenji founded consulting company Acyapa Inc. and an online showroom called Caparoom Inc. in California. He has been working as executive officer at FRONTEO, Inc. Aside from his work, Kenji has given many lectures at Financial Services Agency and Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission. He specializes in business development combined with lates IT technology, planning, reforming business models, and creates realistic solutions and establishes businesses based on his expertise in business and technology.

Career history

April 1997 Entered Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

July 2006 Joined McKinsey & Company.

April 2009 Joined Rakuten (US resident since 2011).

January 2015 Founded Caparoom Inc. and Acyapa Inc. (present post)

February 2017 FRONTEO Inc. Executive Officer (present post)

Academic Record

1995 Graduated from University of Tokyo Department of Electrival and Electronic Engineering

1997 Obtained master at the University of Tokyo School of Engineering (electric engineering)

2004 Obtained master at MIT Sloan School, Management of Technology

2005 Obtained master at Duke University, Law School

Kazuhisa Adachi

Kazuhisa is responsible for business development and the planning and promotion of business strategy at Lancers.

Prior to participating in Lancers, he joined Rakuten Co., Ltd. in connection with EC company support, business strategy, and the Fukuoka branch office to participate in a "Rakuten Market".

Since 2012, he has also acted as the Director of Business Development and Manager of Developer Relations for the marketing business division of Glee Co., Ltd., promoting capital and onboarding new partner relationships.

Hideaki Sone

Since 2007 he has been a consultant at McKinsey & Company.

From 2010, Rakuten leads the management strategy and management plan of the entire group including overseas.

Participated in Lancers in February 2015.

From November the same year he took office as a director CSO / CFO.

He was responsible for planning management strategy, promoting M & A, alliance and new business.