Why Blockchain?

We want to provide fair platform

As a problem of the conventional platform, since the operating company manages the data, it is in a position to tamper with various information including review. There is also the possibility of preferential treatment of service providers on the business model. In case

The important factor in getting a job is trust evaluation, and beepnow saves this trust evaluation in blockchain so that beepnow will not be able to tamper with data and promise fair platform management.

Reproduce the same mechanism as society

Only beepnow

People's trust assessment is consensus on the evaluation of the surrounding people in society.

Even if a person with malice intends to drop the trust of a certain person, evaluation of surroundings is good, so the evaluation does not change as a result.

The blockchain is a distributed ledger system that can not be tampered with the same contents being recorded on multiple PCs.

beepnow reproduces the credibility evaluation process of society by utilizing the block chain and improves the reliability of the service.

Why beepnow coin?

Mechanism obtained by using beepnow coin

beepnow coin issues transactions in beep, remittance and settlement as a basic currency for smooth and low cost. Each transaction uses beepnow coin.

Pay fee from beepnow as an incentive to those who more activated beepnow 's service, those who got a good reputation, those who raised the quality of beep, and as incentives for campaigns to be held from time to time. I will use it.

Return profit every month

If you receive a good evaluation the return profit will be more great

beepnow will return 1% of revenue to users. Redemption amount is not equal, but will be decided by lottery.

The probability of winning will be higher if the evaluation of the review is better. It aims at improving the motivation of the user, which in turn leads to the improvement of the quality of the beepnow.

By introducing this mechanism, it is also an advantage that you can secure personnel and differentiate quality from competitors.