Blockchain being used by only a quarter of the world’s companies, recent study claims.

A new study, conducted by a consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) shows that just a quarter of the world’s companies use blockchain-based solutions, Bloomberg reports.

Researchers conducted a survey among 600 representatives of the companies around the world. Despite the fact that around 20% of companies are currently exploring the possibilities of blockchain and 32% are already developing products based on this technology, just 15% of companies have an actually working solution. 10% are doing pilot tests of the software products.

It is noteworthy that 14% of companies have never considered a distributed registry solution and 7% of companies have their blockchain projects “on halt”.

According to PwC top-manager, Gronia McNamara, companies are reluctant to move to blockchain-based solutions due to the costs involved or poor compatibility with their current infrastructure.

Also, many companies are waiting for technology to develop and proofs that blockchain will be more profitable than existing solutions to appear.

“It’s really discouraging to see how inert everyone is. Many made a few steps but stopped right in front of the bridge.

Probably they have difficulties in calculating profits”, – McNamara said.

According to another survey, conducted by audit company, Deloitte among 1050 managers of companies with annual income 500 million USD and up, 23% of companies are ready to invest from 5 to 10 million USD to blockchain technology.

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