Business & Technology University in Tbilisi to Issue Blockchain Verifiable Diplomas

Blockchain is becoming more useful than fintech and empowers other industries with the secure and transparent stack.

A collaboration between Emercoin and Business & Technology University in Tbilisi, Georgia (BTU), provided education sector with verifiable diplomas and other certificates on an encrypted and secure app.

Nowadays all competencies of graduates could be clearly verified.

BTU is using the open-source “Trusted Diploma” which was built by Emercoin Blockchain.

Ground-breaking blockchain system enables administrators to store and share verifiable diplomas and other education certificates on an encrypted and secure app.

Emercoin and BTU are working in a complicated social issue in the developed and developing countries.

Say that for widespread corruption and manipulation, online displays to us about  education credentials is getting viewed as unreliable proofs of work.

Graduates also are difficult to get their records from colleges or school systems that have closed. If not so they refuse to admin their legitimate credentials.

The BTU, which opened doors in 2016 at Silicon Valley Tbilisi to offer students innovative new approaches to learning, is placing this project on the Emercoin Blockchain because of its flexibility through an innovative range of distributed services.

The company says that through its Name Value Storage (NVS) capability, Emercoin is more powerful and could save money than other platforms.

While Bitcoin is well matched for financial transactions, Emercoin’s NVS permit for efficient time-stamping of META-Data on its own blockchain that in turn gets  Bitcoin Blockchain for security.

January of this year, leading provider of blockchain solutions Bitfury Group along with Canadian crypto investment firm First Block Capital invested in Emercoin with a promise of launching new pilot projects that settle the puzzling problems for governments, companies, institutions, and individuals around the world.


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