New research from Imperial College London and eToro argues cryptocurrencies are already fulfilling one of three main criteria of money


Over the next decade,Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are to become the most wide-spread mean of payment for goods and services researchers from The Imperial College of London and social investment platform eToro say in their recently published report “Cryptocurrencies: Overcoming Barriers to Trust and Adoption”

Researchers think that to be trusted and adopted cryptocurrencies have to meet the following functions: being the means of savings and accumulation, means of exchange and the unit of account. Moreover, they’re sure that cryptocurrencies already are a mean of accumulation.

As it is mentioned in the report, compliance with the last two criteria will require bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies progress in solving the remaining problems, such as scalability, user interface and means of regulation”.

“First e-mail was sent in 1971, but it took almost three decades for it to become mainstream, thanks to the convenient Hotmail interface. First bitcoin-transaction took place a bit more than eight years ago, and today we see that it starts to meet the requirements money. We think that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will go mainstream over the next decade. Of course, there are some barriers, but these are surmountable”, Managing Director of eToro, Iqbal Gandham, says.

According to Ipos company data, that conducted a study of perception of the new technologies by citizens of Europe, Australia and USA, interest to cryptocurrencies and blockchain will double in the nearest future.

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