The courts of China will accept the blockchain-stored data for consideration

Data stored in the blockchain can be accepted for consideration by China’s Internet courts to make verdicts on cases involving copyright infringement, fraud, and online trading, CoiDesk reports.

The corresponding decision of the Supreme People’s Court of China was published on Friday, September 7.

The new rule says that local Internet courts recognize the legality of blockchain as a method of data storage and information recorded in the distributed ledger can be considered evidence and accepted for consideration, provided that the parties can prove the legitimacy of the technology used.

“Internet courts will recognize digital data provided as evidence, as long as the parties concerned have collected and stored them properly, using digital signatures, reliable timestamps, hash verification or through a platform for entering digital data and that they can confirm the authenticity of the used technology”, – official document states.

As of today, China has an Internet court in Hangzhou. The institution specializes in dealing with cases involving digital data on the Internet as well as copyrights.

Also, similar institutions are getting ready to be launched in Beijing and Guangzhou.

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