UEFA to sell tickets via blockchain based system

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) announced the successful testing of a new ticket sales system based on blockchain. As the organization’s website states, the new system makes the process of ticket distribution more simple and safe, also preventing the ticket duplication.

The system has been tested for the first time when selling tickets to Europe League final match in May, that was held between Madrid “Atletico” and French “Marcel” in Lyon, when 50% of tickets were distributed via this system.

Testing continued this Wednesday while selling tickets to Europe Super Cup match between “Atletico” and “Real Madrid”. As UEFA official site states, 100% of game tickets were sold through iOS and Android applications.

UEFA’s blockchain-based system is working in a combination with Bluetooth devices located by stadium entrance.

Association representatives say that they plan to keep working on the system’s improvement and use it in future for other matches ticket sales.

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