Ukraine seaports to use e-Port blockchain based solutions

Nikolaev, Odessa, and Yuzhny seaports are going to use the e-Port 4.0 system, part of which is based on the blockchain, said Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine said.

According to him, successful experience of the e-Port electronic control system by stevedore company “Olbia” will be used throughout the whole maritime industry of Ukraine.

This should help make the port’s activities more transparent and efficient.

“Taking into account the novelty of the idea of e-Port implementation as well as the specifics and complexity of the port industry reformation, we decided to start with a pilot project – automate all the work of one specific port.


The testing site was “Olbia” port.

And I am glad that joint effort turned out to be successful”, – the Minister of Infrastructure noted.

He stressed that “Olbia” port timing of cargo clearance as well as it’s processing accelerated by 34.4%.

Department he is the head of has been actively engaged in the digitalization of maritime industry and automation of processes in ports for two years already.

Administration of Seaports of Ukraine, seaports, state stevedore companies and OJSC “Ukrzaliznitsya” were involved in the development of e-Port administration system.

“To increase confidence in operations of the transport industry, we are already testing the transfer of individual components towards blockchain technology. e-Port 4.0 should make counterfeiting or falsification of corresponding transactions and the system will be implemented by the end of this year”, Volodymyr Omelyan added.

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