Walmart to use blockchain-based solution to enhance the communication with their drones

Biggest American retailer, Walmart, filed a patent application for a new blockchain-based system for automatic delivery of parcels by drones.

The application describes the process of transferring cargo from one “stand-alone electronic device” to another.

According to the document, after the identification and exchange of the so-called “blockchain-key” drones will send each other a parcel. The system will use data stored in a distributed registry.

It is reported that to recognize each other, drones can use different technologies, such as RFID tags, QR codes, and ultrasound.

“A lot of nodes configured to generate computational proof of the integrity of records and the chronological order of content us, trade or as a currency for exchange through a peer-to-peer network” – this is how the blockchain-based system is described in the patent application.

Also, representatives of Walmart noted the possibility of using smart contracts in the new project.

Earlier Walmart filed another patent application with the USPTO, that described the usage of blockchain for improved tracking of parcels.

beepnow team


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