More than half of Russian Federation residents are unaware of cryptocurrencies.



56% of Russian Federation residents said they know nothing about the cryptocurrencies, states the research holding “Romir” in the data of it’s latest survey.

According to the research, only 44% or respondents know about digital currencies exsistence, while 31% of them are familiar with cryptocurrencies on a basic level.

Out of those who understand, exactly or tentatively what digital money is, 87% do not plan to acquire them.

Just 11% would consider investing into crypto and 2% said they actually posess cryptocurrency.

Russians who own crypto said that most cases they’ve chosen Bitcoin or Ethereum to invest into.

76% of those who purchased crypto bought them for earnings.

More than 38% managed to achieve their financial goals.

39% of Russian cryptoinvestors bought digital currencies because of hype around them or increased interest in crypto topics in media coverage.

The survey also shows that men are more familiar with crypto than women, 18% versus 9%.

Strange fact, Russians with average income of less than 10 thousand rubles per month know about crypto more than those with high income (from 25 thousand and above).

Percentage ratio is 38% against 26%.

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