Mr. Satoshi Sekine of the New York University assumes office as a technical advisor of “beepnow”, a skill sharing service utilizing blockchain.

beepnow OÜ (Pikk 17-7, Tallinn, Estonia, 10123, Director: Alex Tsai) – that develops a skill sharing service “beepnow”- announces  Mr. Satoshi Sekine to serve as a technical advisor.

With this inauguration, we will incorporate Mr. Sekine’ s knowledge of natural language processing and develop more accurate artificial intelligence systems.

beepnow has built a platform that makes it easy to earn money with smartphones by sharing skills at one’s spare time.  

It digitizes resumes and job histories then stores them in the blockchain.

It is a service which associates individual IDs with blockchain and then accumulates their own credits earned.


Mr. Sekine has extensive experience in natural language processing.

He took over office as a technical advisor so that with his experience and advice on developing artificial intelligence will lead to the realization of the talent score concepts which beepnow aims for.

beepnow would like to contribute to society by providing a mechanism for bringing happiness through technology.

[About Mr. Satoshi Sekine]

Team leader of Language Information Access Technology Team at RIKEN

Associate Research Professor at the New York University

Director of the Language Craft Institute


In 1998, he earned his Ph.D. in Natural Language Processing at the New York University.

Then, he became an Associate Research Professor at the New York University.

He is a project leader of “On-Demand Information Extraction” of the American National Science Foundation.

From June 2010, he has been serving as a director of Rakuten Institute of Technology.

He is a founder and administrator of Language Craft Institute in Japan, a consultant company for language processing.

At present, he is working as a team leader of the Language Information Access Technology Team at RIKEN.

He is aiming to research and develop “artificial intelligence that can explain its own judgment by words”.


[About beepnow  OÜ]

Director:  Alex Tsai

Address:  Pikk 17-7, Tallinn, Estonia, 10123

Business Description: management of beepnow, development of blockchain, providing evaluation system of blockchain

Founded: February 2018


[Notice of information from beepnow]

Our director Alex Tsai’s is to present a lecture at x TECH EXPO 2018/ NIKKEI x TECH (CROSS TECH) at the Tokyo Big Sight held from October 17th to 19th.

His lecture is scheduled on Wednesday, October 17th from 15:30.


[Title of Lecture]

Practical introduction of corporate blockchain/ What is the OEM solution beepnow offers?

[Summary of lecture]

We published human resource evaluating platform “beepnow” utilizing blockchain and AI.

It made it possible to record work experiences in blockchain then links with individual IDs to accumulate credits of jobs performed.

He is planning to talk more about implemented blockchain, not the concept.

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight

Expected  number of visitors: 70,000

Date held: Wednesday, October 17th to Friday, October 19th.

Sponsored by: NIKKEI BP


[Contact regarding this press release]

beepnow OÜ public relations (Suzuki or  Michitsuna)

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +81-50-5806-0302

beepnow team


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