~ New Business Partnership~

Beepnow OÜ (Pikk 17-7, Tallinn, Estonia, 10123, Representative: Alex Tsai) developing the skill sharing service platform “beepnow (beepnow)” will start the partnership with opzt (Osaka-shi, Chuo Ward, Representative Director: Fuminori Akamatsu). With this business partnership, we will provide beepnow platform to opzt corporation, and we will promote an environment that allows registrants to offer their own choices of free way of working, regardless existing forms of employment and contract.

【Background of this partnership】

beepnow has built a platform that makes it easy to make money with smartphones by taking advantage of the person’s skills at free time.

We have also developed a mechanism that can utilize block chains and artificial intelligence very easily and safely, and will encourage people realize how they can work regardless of employment forms or contracts.

By partnering with a comprehensive staffing agency like opzt, we hope that more people will discover the way to better life, so the partnership has been achieved.

beepnow wants to contribute to society by providing a mechanism that makes people happy through technology.

【About opzt】

opzt Co., Ltd. develops temporary staffing, recruitment, outsourcing, training and fixing, employment services for people with disabilities.

As the population of Japan declines, we are also actively engaged in hiring housewives and the elderly,so the employees feel happy and relieved.

We are working to make a society where employment selection is possible come true.

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