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beep HR features

1、Easy implementation, friendly design

Multiple templates necessary for target setting are available in beep HR.

2、360-degree evaluation, social evaluation

360-degree evaluation both by the evaluator and the employee respectively.

3、Stored in the blockchain

Everything is stored in the blockchain. You can share it along with the employee's job history.

Personnel evaluation simplified

Easy implementation lets you start immediately.

Collectively managed with the cloud system.

You can view and manage everything from the portal hosted in the cloud: entry of evaluation as well as management of the goals established by employees, registrations, interviews, workflow and so on.

Basic templates are available

Quantitative qualitative for the simplest target-setting method, and OKR are available as standard templates. You can easily start using them by just entering your goals.

Transparency evaluation by the numerical value

Employees enter their ratings during self-evaluation and send the results to the evaluators. The evaluators also input evaluations of the employees. This way of evaluation makes the organisation processes more transparent.

Interview history

Important record of the communication with employees

The communication between employees and evaluators can be saved in the interview history record, thus making the communication more transparent and lowering the turnover.

Social Evaluation

Storing the record of employee's helping each other

Visualising mutual appreciation

Sending of gratitude such as "Nice", "Thank you", "Thumb up"

Employees can send words of gratitude such as "Thank you", "Like", "You saved me", "You can do it", or "You are reliable" and so on with a single button. If an employee made a good suggestion to the team, just press "Like" in beep HR application, thus satisfying the employee's desire for approval.

Promote Your Salary

Employee's cooperation has been carried out on through verbal promise such as "I will treat you coffee or lunch next time", and unfortunately all of those verbal promises were rarely kept. The company does not know who is supportive and who isn't.

Instead of sticking to just verbal promises, beep HR can visualize the gratitude with the button of "Thank you" and "Thumb Up". The company can understand the condition of who support the company most, this function allows giving the employee fair evaluation.

Issuance of internal currency

Motivate employees

Internal Currency ( Point) will work as one of the benefits.

The company’s internal currency given to employees in advance will work as one of the benefits. By giving incentives and receiving appreciation messages from other employees in advance will work as one of the benefits. The mechanism that motivates employees.

Pay with beeppay points

The employee can use internal currency with the implementation of the system "beeppay" we provided , the internal currency can be used to buy products in the company.

Sharing the job history record with our APP

Linking the data

Motivating Employees

History record of changing their jobs, as well as achievements can be linked to beepnow APP, the staff can use "Work History" as their CV when they change the job.

Improving productivity

The employee will work hard to gain recognition from the company. Thus, the company will have an increase in productivity.

Employees Distress

70% of employees have complained about their assessments and the way they are being evaluated.

The goal is broken up by department and boss

Team direction is unclear.

Without setting the goals clearly and sharing the goals fairly, the project does not work, many employees have stressed about uncleared goal setting and what is the purpose of project, and what is the right decision.

In beep HR, we have various templates according to the scale of your project. With our goal setting, all members can move forward to achieving same goal.

Unclear evaluation criteria

Uncleared goal leads the uncleared result, so eventually it will be evaluated by the boss own sence. It is important to communicate with each other firmly beforehand and decide how the employees are evaluated within the project's run.


beep HR competitive advantage

Comparison with other services

beep HR HRBrain Motivation Cloud Tommorow team
Personnel Assessment -
Benefit - - -
Management of motivation
Internal Currency(Point) - - -
Blockchain - - -
Sharing the CV - - -

Monthly Usage Fee

The usage fee is calculated by each base.
(an example for calculation)
In a case of a company having two bases, base A has 7 employees and base B has 18 employees.
The total employee number is 25 people

Number of people Price
~20人 30,000yen
21~50 60,000yen
51~75 80,000yen
76~100 100,000yen
101~200 190,000yen
201~300 250,000yen
301~400 310,000yen
401~ Negotiable

3 months free usage period

You can get all functions for 3 month as free usage period

If you register for pre-registration, you can get extra 3 months of free usage period!
We have a large number of inquiries so please make advance reservations as soon as you can. The application will be closed as soon as the number reaches the limit.

Number of employees: