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Road Map

2016. Nov
Project started
2017. Feb
Designing started
2017. Mar
App development started
2018. Feb
Beta version release
We will launch our service as a skill-sharing platform.
2018. Jul
Blockchain development complete
2018. Aug
ICO scheduled
2018. Sep
Official version release
It will be launched as a skill-sharing platform implemented with blockchain. beepnow wallet will be available too.

Allocation Summary

40% of the total will be allocated to the contributors during the token sale campaign.

20% goes to the company and the team.

17% will be used for marketing expenses to activate beepnow ecosystem.

10% will be used for everything that is necessary for spreading beep; advertisement, conferences, and other PR expenses.

8% is for a future investment, mainly adding new feature and upgrading beepnow ecosystem.

5% will be used for paying service charge for advisors and exchanges.


What is beepnow ?

beepnow is a service that matches people who need help and people who can help.

What is beepnow ecosystem?

It is a distributed society built by beepnow user.

What is beepnow token?

The basic crypto currency that can be used in beepnow ecosystem.

Does beepnow token rise?

beepnow is a service available to people all over the world, we expected number of users to increase. When users increases, beepnow token value will increase too.

Are there any risks?

Of course there are.
We believe that beepnow is useful to people all over the world. When we start this service, if people can not accept this. beepnow management company can not continue to operate. In this case beepnow token will be unavailable.

Is there mining?

There is no own mining.


Co‒Founder, CEO
Alex Tsai

Co‒Founder, CFO
Naohiro Nishida

Harol Higuera

Alexander Navaseltsau

Sales development
Keita Suzuki

Sho Matsuda

Blockchain Consultant
Adil Haris Ibrahim

Data Scientist
Dr Mahmood Al‒Imam, P.Eng, PhD

Quality Assurance Specialist
Audrey Tan Hui Li

Software Developer
Aries Camitan

Security Analyst
Shervin Aghdaei

Full Stack Developer
Sandeep Kumar Kewlani

Project Strategist
Paul Ugwu Agada

Junior UI/UX Designer
Syazana Izzati Faridon

UI/UX Designer
Chan Zhi Yan