Our Vision

beepnow Vision

We want you to earn even just a little, and succeed.

beepnow is a service where people can gain reward by offering and making use of their skill. We believe in individual success by earning more income and utilizing that to making their dreams come true, or spending time with family members. This vision is reflected on beep’s system design.

The future of beepnow

beepnow is compatible to the emerging market

Sharing economy is predicted to become a market as big as 33 trillion yen by the year 2025. The world will slowly but steadily shift towards a cashless society. Blockchain will be our next infrastructure that we can’t live without, and beepnow will be developing with a service that takes in the element of the future.


100 million users = 56 billion monthly circulation

Amount of circulation comparable to the top ranking cryptocurrency

Amount of circulation decides the value of a coin. beepnow has a firm service infrastructure as a skill sharing platform, and that is where beepnow coins will be used.

So, more beepnow users will increase the amount of circulation and therefore increase the value of beepnow coin. This is the biggest differentiating factor and what makes beepnow strong.

So how much does the value of beepnow coin expected to rise?

Likely to follow the pattern of top ranking cryptocurrency

Currencies Start Price Highest Price Term Magnification
bitcoin 7 cent
60,000 USD
8 Years 9.40 million
ethereum 1.15 USD
470 USD
2 Years 408
litecoin 4.8 USD
60 USD
4 Years 12
beepnow coin 1.5 cent
2〜100 times??

What benefit does rise in value would bring?


A carpenter took the job offer to build a house with 30 million yen. A carpenter receives 30 million yen in beepnow coin. The rate is about 1.5 yen to a beepnow coin so he received 20 million BEP.

Three months later, the value of beepnow coin went up and now its 5 yen to a beepnow coin. Since a carpenter has 20 million BEP, now that is worth 100 million yen.