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    No1. crowdsourcing company,
    Lancers Inc. has become
    our strategic partner.
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    From beginners to experts
    beepnow is a platform listing a wide variety of services
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    Securing reliability
    with the blockchain
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    Earn revenue in your free time
    with just your smartphone.

What is beepnow?

beepnow: changing the way you work!

Creating a new world for everyone!

beepnow is a platform connecting job seekers and people looking for services provided by skilled workers, all on a smartphone.

Easy settlement with a smartphone!

Want to experience Harajuku fashion, but don't know where do you start with? Use your smartphone to look for a coordinator. Meet up using GPS, enjoy shopping with them, then send payment once you’re done.

Making various requests easily!

"I need someone to look after my pets while I'm travelling.".
“The Official language of my company is English, so I need someone to teach me business English.”
“I'd like to visit the spots that only locals know of, please find me someone to show me around.”
A wide variety of services is available within our platform.

Generate income in your free time!

You can receive payment by providing your service to or sharing your knowledge with someone who needs help.


beepnow’s exciting features:

Identity Verification Ensuring Reliability

Account management with personal identification documents.

Select Incoming Currency

Get your payment in credit or fiat.

Receive your reward

Payment can be withdrawn to your bank account.

Messaging system

Discuss the job details within our application.


Easy task scheduling.

GPS Search Function

Use GPS to search for people around you and see who is available.

Multiple Categories

You can find and instantly hire workers in many job categories.

One Click Order

Easily order services with your credit card.


Review system lets you rate the job or the people you’ve hired.

Transfer and Settlement.

We're constantly adding new features and improving our product.


Meet the beepnow project team.

Alex Tsai

Co-Founder, CEO


Kazuhisa Adachi

Ex-Board Of Directors, COO of LANCERS Inc.

Kenji Yamanami

Ex-Executive Officer of Rakuten Inc.

Hideaki Sone

Lancers inc. Executive officer.

Mie Kurosaka

Ex-Executive Officer of Rakuten Inc.

Satoshi Sekine

Riken AIP Team Leader

Associate Professor, New York University


User-friendly design

Login via Social Networks Accounts

Login via E-mail

Sign Up

SMS Verification

Become a beeper

Select Category

Enter Your Fee

Recive Payments

beeper Profile

Job Accepted

Task List

Category Details

Set Job Time

Transaction History

Transaction History

Task List

Guest Profile


Ordered Tasks

Tasks Status

Tasks Payment

Job Details

Job Request

Job Canceled

beeper Accepts the Job

Job In Progress

Get Our App Now!

Our app is now available for download as Minimum Viable Product version:


Why does beepnow use blockchain?

Blockchain provides a fair platform for all.

Conventional systems store and protect data, but they are vulnerable to hacking and information tampering.

Building and storing user reputation with the help of blockchain technology

Blockchain's reputation as a secure technology that cannot be hacked makes beepnow a much safer platform.

This allows beepnow to offer a fair and secure system that is open to everyone.Beepnow mimics the same mechanism in the real world utilizing blockchain.

beepnow mimics the real world mechanism utilizing blockchain technology.

Real social reputation consists of evaluations from multiple parties.

Person’s reputation is a consensus of interactions in society. If a person is surrounded by positive influences, then that person’s reputation is considered to be a good one. A bad reputation is caused by the opposite effect.

Let's say that (A), with malicious intent, attempts to lower the reputation of (B). In that case, (A) cannot ruin (B)’s reputation unless he/she tells (B)’s friends about it.

In other words, someone’s reputation is determined by content that is recorded in the memory of friends. Reputation in the real world has become a mechanism that cannot be easily changed.

Blockchain can be explained with the same idea.It is a network that prevents unauthorized access by permitting a new transaction only after a previous transaction has been recorded and validated by the blockchain’s algorithm. Once a transaction has been confirmed, it cannot be altered..


Why we're issuing beepnow credits

Making an ecosystem where good evaluation is really significant.

Beepnow credits are issued as a basic currency for transactions within beepnow ecosystem. Remittance and settlement are at low costand are processed smoothly.

It is used not only as a method of currency, but as a sign of appreciation. Receiving a beepnow credit means a job well done.

beepnow ranks all users with artificial intelligence tools.

Ranking includes various elements such as "The number of stars of the review", "Sentiment analysis of the review", "The number of times of use", "The number of credits used or the amount of use", or "The number of credits held". It is automatically calculated based on these and other factors.

Receiving a good evaluation increases the incentive.

We will give away credits on monthly basis as a compensation for a positive rating when a user has done a good job.

Based on the ranking, we will grant the prescribed number of beepnow credits as monthly incentives.
This award system is aimed at improving user motivation, which in turn, leads to improvement of the beepnow ecosystem.
Our platform makes it easy for you to hire quality people and differentiate yourself from competitors.


How beepnow helps you accomplish your goals.

Cherish your relationships.

In today’s society, human relationships are so diluted that we don’t know anything about the people who live next door. Beepnow is a leading platform for technology, helping to connect people.

Build wealth, even in small ways.

People can earn rewards by utilizing their own skills and providing them to others in need of their talent. We believe that individuals are active and if they earn a little income, they can improve their lives, spend with their families, and maybe even make their dreams come true. This philosophy is reflected in the ecosystem of beepnow.


We believe that happiness is to enjoy a decentralized society where individuals attract positive attention. We call this distributed society ,the beepnow ecosystem, and those who are active in it are known as “beepers".

Anyone can freelance

In the beepnow ecosystem, everyone is a freelancer, not tied to any organization. We are building a decentralized society, together.

There are no managers or subordinates here. Everyone is treated equally, regardless of national borders, nationality, gender, or age. In the beepnow ecosystem, we aim to build a peaceful society where all kinds of good people come together.

Future prospects

The future prospects of beepnow

React to an expanding market.

By 2025, the shared economy is projected to be worth $330 billion. Cashless conversion will also grow, and blockchain is an essential part of that infrastructure. Beepnow will continue to develop and improve its services, incorporating elements that will become mainstream.


$670 billion

Sharing economy

$330 billion

Non-cash settlement

$900 tririon

Artificial Intelligence

User Support

Searching beepers

Seeing all the skills that a large number of beepers have, clients may become overwhelmed with a multitude of information.

This is why, we use artificial intelligence to narrow down the list of qualified beepers that match the Client’s needs before suggesting matches.

Proposal for optimal price

Beepers can bother potential Clients about pricing when registering for work.

Artificial intelligence proposes the optimal price in advance by utilizing factors such as work hours and work registration numbers.

Fraud Detection

Detection of illegal activities.

beepnow adheres to all applicable laws and regulations of each user's residential area.

Using beepnow for any kind of illegal activity is strictly discouraged and prohibited. We use artificial intelligence to detect fraudulent behavior and automatically report it to the relevant authorities.