What is beepnow?

beepnow change the way of working

Create new world for everybody.

beepnow is platform that connect job seekers and those who need a hand in thier daily task by using thire smartphone.

Easy settlement with smartphone

For example, if you want to experience fashion in Harajuku, take out the smartphone and look for the coordinator. Join using GPS, enjoy shopping with them, and make payment at the end.

You can make various requests

I'd like to keep pets because I will go on a trip. The official language of the company has become English. So please teach me business English. I would like to visit local spots that local people only know. A wide variety of services can be used.

You earn income on your free time

You can receive your reward by taking advantage of your goodness and by providing your service to someone who needs help.


Introducing the features of beepnow app

Reliable with identity verification

Account management with personal identification documents.

Select incoming currency

It can be selected token or fiat.

Receipt of the reward

Receive reward in bank account.


You can send work messages.


Easy task scheduling.

Search by GPS

Search beeper you're around.

Various categories

You can order work from category.

Order with one button

Easy to order with a credit card.

Relieved at review

Reliable review system.

Transfer and settlement etc

New feature update.


Introducing the project beepnow team.

Alex Tsai

Founder, CEO

Harol Higuera



Alexander Navaseltsau

AI Developer


Robert Balayan

AI Developer


Naoki S Martinez

Seles Accounting


Nguyen T Hoang

Seles Accounting


Sho Matsuda



BTM Team

Adil Haris

Blockchain Consultant

Mahmood A Imam

Data Scientist

Audrey Li

Quality Assurance Specialist


Aries Camitan

Software Developer

Shervin Aghdaei

Security Analyst

Sandeep K Kewlani

Full Stack Developer

Paul U Agada

Project Strategist


Syazana I Faridon

Junior UI/UX Designer

Chan Zhi Yan

UI/UX Designer



Kazuhisa Adachi

Ex-Board Of Directors, COO of LANCERS Inc.

Kenji Yamanami

Ex-Exective Officer of Rakuten Inc.


User-friendly design

Login with Social Networks

Login with E-mail

Sign Up

SMS Verification

Become beeper

Select Category

Enter Fee

Recive Payments

beeper Profile

Job Accepted

Task List

Category Details

Set Job Time

Transaction History

Transaction History

Task List

Guest Profile


Ordered Tasks

Tasks Status

Tasks Payment

Job Details

Job Request

Job Canceled

beeper Accept Job

Job In Progress

Road Map

2016. 11

Project start

2017. 2

Design started

2017. 3

Started App development

2018. 5

MVP release
We will launch services as a skill sharing platform.

2018. 7

Blockchain development will be done.

2018. 8


2018. 9

Official release
We will release it as a skill sharing platform implemented with blockchain. beepnow wallet will also be available.


Financial Update
We will implement the exchange function by applying the beepnow platform. All users will be able to participate in cryptocurrency exchange as a business.


Lending update
The beepnow token we will update system to allow lending. beeper will be able to lend a beepnow token that has been held by this update.

Get MVP App

Minimum viable product is available.


Why beepnow uses blockchain?

To provide a fair platform.

The conventional platform has been operating company in centralized manages the data. They are in a position to tamper with various information including reviews. Also on the business model, they have the possibility to perform the tampering to advantage the service provider.

We have stored reputation in the blockchain.

The important factor in doing business is reputation. beepnow stores this reputation in blockchain so that we can not tamper with the data.

In this way we promise to run a fair platform. because the indelible once was written reviews, Clients and beepers are working with the best of intentions in beepnow.

beepnow reconstructs the same mechanism as the real world with a blockchain.

Real social reputation is made up of distributed evaluation.

People 's reputation is consensus of the surrounding evaluation in society.
If the person is a good evaluation around him, person reputation is evaluated as "good person", and it will be person reputation. Bad reputation is also same thing.

Let's say that (A) with malicious intent attempts to lower the reputation of (B). In that case, (A) can not change the reputation of (B) unless he / she announces bad reputation to (B) friends. In fact (A) it is difficult to grasp all the friends of (B), this attempt is impossible.

In other words, the reputation of a person is determined by the fact that the same content is recorded in the memory of a friend. Reputation in the real world has become a mechanism that can not be overturned easily.

Reproduce real world on crowdsourcing.

Blockchain is a network that impossible tampering by the same content to the connected node is recorded.

beepnow will reproduce this society's evaluation process by utilizing the blockchain and provide a reliable and fair platform.


Reason for issuing beepnow token.

In order to make the eco-system that is a good person is more evaluation.

The beepnow token is issued as a basic currency for transactions in the beepnow ecosystem, remittance and settlement at a low cost smoothly.

It is used not only as a role of currency but also as an indicator of appreciation. To get a beepnow token is to thank people for that.

From this way of thinking, a token of beepnow has been designed so as to obtain a number for the person who has a good job.

Rank all users with artificial intelligence.

beepnow ranks all users.

The ranking includes various indices such as "The number of stars of the review", "Sentiment analysis of the review", "The number of times of use", "The amount of tokens used or the amount of use", "The amount of tokens held" It is calculated based on artificial intelligence.

Gaining a good evaluation increases the incentive.

We will give a token every month as compensation for commendation when doing a good job.

Based on the ranking created by artificial intelligence, we will grant the prescribed number of beepnow tokens as incentives monthly.
This award system is aimed at improving motivation of users, which in turn leads to an improvement in the quality of the beepnow ecosystem.
By introducing this system, it is also an advantage that you can secure personnel and differentiate quality from competitors.


What you want to accomplish in beepnow.

Cherish the ties of people.

In modern society, human relationship is diluted so that we do not know what kind of occupation people live next door. beepnow is a leading platform for technology, but we want to connect people and people with this technology and make it happy that they can get there.

Wealthy even a little.

People can earn rewards by utilizing their own skills and providing it. We believe that individuals are active and earn a little income, they want time spent with their families and their dreams come true. This philosophy is reflected in the eeposystem design of beepnow.


We think people's happiness is to realize a decentralized society where individuals are attracting attention. We call this distributed society the beepnow ecosystem, and named beeper people who are active in it.

Everyone to be freelance

beepnow is a platform obtained the revenue to demonstrate the individual's ability. In the beepnow ecosystem, everyone is freelance, not belonging to the organization, and we are building a decentralized society.

Neither the boss nor the subordinates are here, everyone is treated equally regardless of national borders, nationality, sex, age. In the beepnow ecosystem, we aim to build a peaceful society where various encounters and good people gather.

Future prospects

About the future prospects of the beepnow

Respond to the market that is expanding from now.

The sharing economy is projected to be a 330 bn USD market in 2025. Cashless conversion will also proceed. Blockchain are an essential infrastructure. beepnow will continue to develop with services incorporating elements that will be mainstream from now on.


670 billion USD

Sharing economy

330 billion USD

Non-cash settlement

900 tririon USD

Circulation volume of 4 billion USD a month for 100 million users.

Month in circulation comparable to the famous cryptocurrency

beepnow is a skill sharing platform, and various transactions occur within the beepnow ecosystem every day.
As the number of beepnow users increases, the beepnow token circulation height in the beepnow ecosystem increases.

Our plan aims 100 million beepnow users, and the amount of circulation will be about 400 billion USD per year. This is a circulation amount of a scale comparable to the famous cryptographic currency.

Allocation Summary

Allocation of beepnow token

40% of the total

For contributer of token sale.

20% of the total

For company and team.

17% of the total

For marketing expenses for activation of ecosystem.

10% of the total

For PR expenses necessary for spreading beepnow such as advertisement and attendance at conference.

8% of the total

For future investment such as improvement of ecosystem and addition of new functions.

5% of the total

As a fee for payment to advisors and exchanges.

Artificial intelligence

User support

Used to search beeper

Show all the skills that a huge number of beeper and beeper is held to Clients and Clients will be confusion in the multi amount of information.

For that reason, we will use artificial intelligence beforehand in beepnow and narrow down to some extent the beeper that is suitable for that Clients before proposing.

Proposal for optimum price

Beeper often plagues pricing when registering work.

Artificial intelligence will propose the optimum price in advance by utilizing factors such as work hours and work registration number as its support.

Fraud detection

Detection of illegal activities.

beepnow adheres to the relevant laws and regulations of each user's residential area.

There are areas where beepnow restricts the use of prostitution, drugs and so on. We will use artificial intelligence to detect the fraudulent behavior and automatically report to regulatory authorities.

Auto Trading System

Automatic trading system considering user's convenience

In beepnow, the beepnow token is used for all transactions, and you have to prepare the encryption currency.

It is a difficult process if users are not experienced with cryptocurrency. In order to solve this, just by registering a credit card, we will construct a mechanism to automatically purchase cryptocurrency.

Case (from token to token)

A client holding a token ordered a service of 10 BEP.

The token in the client's wallet is paid to the beeper. This method is a transaction between common cryptocurrencies.

Case (from Fiat to Token)

A client that does not have a token ordered a service of 10 BEP.

The system buys 10 BEP at the exchange and charges the required amount to the client's credit card. After that, 10 BEP will be paid to the beeper.

By doing this automatically, it is possible for clients to request and pay for services without feeling that they are purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Case (from token to Fiat)

A client holding a token ordered a service of 10 BEP. However, since beeper wishes to receive it at Fiat, the system will sell 10 BEP at the exchange and buy Fiat.

Fiat is then paid to beeper's bank account.

By doing this automatically, beeper can trust service and receive reward without feeling selling cryptocurrency.

Increase liquidity of token.

BID and ASK always occur and liquidity increases.

The automatic selling and buying improves the user's convenience and activates BID and ASK.

People requesting the service generate "buy (Bid)", and those who undertake the service generate "Ask".

This mechanism increases the liquidity of the beepnow token. The beepnow token holder eliminates the situation that the beepnow token can not be sold due to shortage of transaction volume.

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