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    Note that beepnow.io is a new project that is not affiliated with the previous website and its operators.

Corporate service

Business Support Cloud


AI creates employee's shift in 1 second

In the past, managers were creating a shift combination that was sent by employees. The beep shift smarts these collections and AI decides to shift. Release troublesome work from manager.

Share employees between stores

For beep shift, employees can be shared among other stores. With this implementation, it is possible to manage employees in the area.


70% of the employees are not satisfied with the employer's evaluation

It is said that 70% of employees are not satisfied with their own evaluation. The beepHR is a personnel evaluation tool capable for managing goal to staff evaluation.

Employee's desire for recognition will improve the motivation

BeepHR has multiple measures to enhance employee motivation and improve employee retention.


Consultation on introducing blockchains and providing solutions

Numerous implementation results

Beepnow has a track record of developing and commercializing services utilizing blockchains. We also provide some of our know-how as an OEM to corporations. If you are considering of implementing blockchain, please feel free to contact us.

Consultation on internal currency (points)

beep Shift, beep HR has an internal currency (point) system that can be used as a tool for welfare benefits of the company. Because it also can be used for methods to motivate employees, please feel free to contact us if you are considering implementing internal currency (points).

Personal service

beepnow APP 〜Share your skills〜

Share your skills and make an income

With beepnow, beep shift and beepHR data can be shared to beepnow application via their blockchain, such as entry date, working hours, award history, department change record etc.

Lessen the burden of Companies

This platform can be used as a digital credentials with a creditworthiness higher than the curriculum vitae by handwriting records by companies that have worked firmly on the achievements of workers so far acquired .

Digital Curriculum Vitae

blockchain guarantee your employment history

All reviews and work results acquired via the beepnow application will be recorded in the blockchain and will become your digital job history.

beep shift, beep HR and data integration

Also, beepnow apps can share the entry date, working hours, awards history, department transfers etc recorded by beep shift and beep HR, and will become your curriculum vitae.

Download APP

 Download beepnow beta versionド


We will introduce our technology


Blockchain specialization in fields that are not financial

If you hear blockchain, the things that comes into mind are money tranfer and exchanges. In the finance field, lots of project had already started.

Featured in MIT

beepnow uses block chains for the purpose of preserving the credibility accumulated so far, such as "work experience of employees" or "trading history ". There are few implementation of blockchain outside the financial field, beepnow's blockchains have been taken up at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and are draws attention from around the world.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Evaluation Scoring

beepnow scores people's work for 1,000 points with full scale utilization of artificial intelligence. This score is calculated using natural language processing from comments received from the people around, and the human nature and mentality seen from the work attitude of that person can be scored and quantitatively evaluated.

Analysis based on blockchain data

Since attendance and evaluation data calculated by artificial intelligence are recorded in the blockchain, scores with high credibility can be provided.